BenchSentry by Genie_Entering tracking number into the keypad

Not Just a Bench

When medical needs change the rhythm of everyday life, you have to think outside the box.

When your life depends on the successful, safe and secure delivery of your medication, you want to turn to a product that you can count on.

Lynne and Randy are no strangers to medical deliveries. They were desperate to find a solution for the delivery of Randy’s insulin. Packed in ice and surrounded by styrofoam, this life-saving delivery did not fit in any package vault they could find. When no one was home to receive the insulin, Lynne and Randy had to rely on their elderly neighbor to walk over, retrieve the insulin, and bring it back to her house to be refrigerated until one of them arrived home. In the winter months with ice and snow, the task became daunting at times. Lynne and Randy began researching how to weld their own package vault to ensure their medicine could arrive safely without anyone needing to retrieve it.

Exhausted in their search and ready to take matters into their own hands, Lynne and Randy stumbled upon a BenchSentry ad. Immediately checking dimensions, they could not believe they had found the answer to what seemed like an endless search. They were gifted a BenchSentry Connect by their son for Christmas and began assembling.

With their package vault up and running, Lynne immediately made sure all courier services knew how to operate the BenchSentry Connect. For the first few deliveries, she would pop her head out and explain the process. She laminated the instructions from BenchSentry on how to operate the Bench and placed a copy in the window above the BenchSentry Connect, as well as a copy inside the mailbox advising which deliveries need to go into the Bench. Time after time, couriers fell in love with the process of delivering to Randy and Lynne’s Bench. News quickly spread around town about the effortless efficiency of the BenchSentry Connect. Lynne and Randy have become a wonderful part of the BenchSentry Family. Opening our eyes to the endless possibilities of the Package Vault and how it truly is much more than a Bench.

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