Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does BenchSentry replace my existing security system?

BenchSentry is an excellent compliment to a home security system but does not replace it. 

Can I use BenchSentry with my home surveillance cameras?

Of course! BenchSentry does not directly connect with home security cameras but using BenchSentry for package security and your security camera to monitor activity in front of your house is a great setup.

What keeps someone from just stealing the BenchSentry?

BenchSentry's design includes pre-drilled holes so you can mount it to the ground, a wall, or run a security cable through it if you'd like. Also, BenchSentry is 35" x 23" x 25"  and weighs 45 lb (empty) so picking up and running off with furniture that size will be a challenge.  

Is BenchSentry waterproof?

BenchSentry is designed to withstand common weather conditions. Packages may get wet in the event the area becomes heavily flooded.

Is BenchSentry available in stores?

BenchSentry is only available to order online at this time. But, you're already here so you don't have to take the trip to the store. 

Can someone use a fake tracking number to access my BenchSentry.

No. BenchSentry Connect can only be unlocked with the delivery tracking numbers or custom entry codes you sync or create with the BenchSentry mobile app. 

Once a package tracking number is used, BenchSentry Connect will update the delivery status to "Delivered" in the mobile app and the tracking number code entry will expire. 

Using BenchSentry Smart Connected Porch Box

How do I sync tracking numbers to my BenchSentry Connect?

Tracking numbers are synced to your BenchSentry Connect through the mobile app.  

How does BenchSentry Connect work with carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS?

A carrier delivers packages to your BenchSentry Connect by entering the last four digits of the tracking number on the keypad located on the top of the unit. The BenchSentry Connect unlocks allowing the carrier to place your package(s) inside and close the lid. After that, it re-locks and is ready for the next delivery or until you return home to collect your items.

How does BenchSentry Connect work without a tracking number?

For any delivery that doesn't have a tracking number, you will use a custom entry code you set up through the mobile app and share it with the person or service accessing your BenchSentry Connect. The rest of the process is similar to when a carrier uses it.

What if a carrier or delivery person is using the wrong tracking number or entry code?

The user will get an error on the display indicating the code they are entering is invalid.  At the same time, you will receive a push notification and photo image of the attempted entry.  If you recognize this is a delivery meant for you, then you will be able to immediately unlock your BenchSentry Connect using the mobile app.

How do I create custom entry codes?

For friends, family, or deliveries without a tracking number, you can set up a custom entry code through the mobile app. From there, you can share the custom entry code with the person or delivery service who will access your BenchSentry Connect.  You also can set expiration dates for one-time deliveries.


Is BenchSentry hard to set up?

Not at all. The BenchSentry Connect display and mobile app will guide you through the setup instructions. Setup videos will be available as we get closer to the delivery date. 

Do I need to assemble anything?

There are a few steps to assemble all models of our delivery boxes. For the BenchSentry Connect, the BenchSentry mobile app includes easy-to-follow instructions and videos for assembly and connecting to your home's WiFi network.

Where should I set up my BenchSentry?

You can set up BenchSentry wherever you’d like. We do suggest placing the BenchSentry near your front door or where your local carriers usually place packages.

Can I mount or anchor my BenchSentry?

The Bench will have punch out holes that can be used to loop a lock through and anchor. There are also holes in the bottom for anchoring to the ground. 

Do I need an internet connection to use BenchSentry?

For the BenchSentry Connect, yes, you will need an WiFi network with internet connection and a signal strong enough to reach the BenchSentry Connects location.

Is there a minimum internet connection speed required to use the BenchSentry Connect?

BenchSentry Connect does not stream video so it requires minimal connection speeds. The strength of your Wi-Fi signal is more important. We suggest testing your signal strength at the location you want to place your BenchSentry Connect to ensure it can always be connected to your Wi-Fi for optimal performance.

How do I connect BenchSentry to Wi-Fi?

The keypad display will guide you on how to connect your BenchSentry Connect to WiFi. 

Other Support

Is BenchSentry availble to purchase outside of the United States?

At this time, BenchSentry is only available to ship to the contiguous United States including Washington D.C. (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii. We'll get there as soon as we can.)