Aladdin Connect RetroFit kit

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BenchSentry Connect works with a Genie Garage Door Opener with Aladdin Connect or most major brand garage door openers with the Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit Kit.

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  • Smart Phone with BenchSentry  app showing notification

    Step 1

    Set up a delivery on the BenchSentry app and check the box for Garage Delivery.

  • Finger_on_Keypad_of_BenchSentry_Connect

    Step 2

    The delivery driver will enter the tracking code into the bench.

  • Screen_of_keypad_on_BenchSentry_Connect

    Step 3

    BenchSentry will display a message and play an audio clip informing of Garage Delivery.

  • Delivery driver placing a large package into the garage on a dolly

    Step 4

    Delivery driver will place the package inside the garage.

  • Garage door closing with a large package behind the garage door

    Step 5

    After the delivery is made, BenchSentry will close the garage door.