Delivery Dilemmas

  • Person taking package off a porch


    54% of Americans have been a victim of package theft with 23% reporting a package stolen in the last 3 months.

  • Package on a wet step area by the front door


    Unexpected weather including rain, hail, and snow can damage even well packaged items.

  • Worried customer


    Contacting police to report a stolen package or making a claim for missing or damage items takes time and may not be reimbursed.

Package Protection

  • 42129S_BenchSentry_Connect_Tan_On_Porch

    Keep packages safe & secure

    Hide packages from view and protect them from theft and damage and from rain, ice, and snow.

  • BenchSentry_Connect_Slate_Delivery_Driving_Putting_In_Package

    Works for all deliveries

    Works with all delivery companies (FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc.) as well as grocery or meal deliveries or items from family or friends.

  • BenchSentry App notification showing on a Smart Phone


    Never have to be home for deliveries. The BenchSentry Connect app tracks deliveries and notifies you when a package is delivered.

We know how it feels to have a package stolen or get notifications about neighborhood theft. No one likes feeling vulnerable and needing to rush home when something is delivered. We designed our products with you and the delivery drivers in mind. BenchSentry products work for pick ups, heavy/bulky items, groceries, any delivery, and is easy to use.

What Customers Think

  • Why BenchSentry

    I got it to deter porch pirates. We don’t have those problems yet in my neighborhood, but I wanted to get in front of the problem – jjasman5

  • Value

    Good size and price for the size – Marius R.

    It keeps it all dry and out of sight and doesn't advertise that I'm not home. I
    really like that.  -Vicki D

  • Driver Use

    There was a learning curve for delivery people, but they are all getting the hang of it. – Blackie SJ

    It took a little while for carriers to get used to it, but now it is smooth
    sailing. – K Vaughan

  • Aesthetics

    It's a handsome unit. – Connie S.  

    It looks great on the front porch – DD

Product Awards

  • BenchSentry was awarded the 2023 Security Sales & Integration MVP Award.

  • IDA logo

    BenchSentry was awarded the “hottest new product” award at the IDA Expo.

  • NAHB IBS Logo

    BenchSentry was a finalist for the “best outdoor product” at the 2022 International Builder Show.


  • Genie Aladdin Connect Logo

    BenchSentry works with Genie Wi-Fi garage door openers to deliver packages in the garage.

  • OHD Anywhere Logo

    BenchSentry works with Overhead Door Wi-Fi garage door openers to deliver packages in the garage.


Product Selection

  • Dimensions of a BenchSentry Delivery Box_Slate

    1. Decide a location -

    Verify the bench will fit and check if a power outlet and Wi-Fi are available at the location.

  • BenchSentry Delivery Box showing color variant options

    2. Select a color -

    Pick the bench color that complements the decor of your home.

  • 3. Select a model -

    Compare features to determine which model is right for you.

Product Comparison


BenchSentry Connect 
(Requires Wi-Fi, Power)

Hides Packages from view Yes Yes
Protects packages from weather Yes Yes
Works with all carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.) Yes Yes
50+ gallon capacity fits large packages, multiple boxes Yes Yes
Designed with delivery driver in mind Yes Yes
Upgradable to include smart lock, electronics Yes, Coming Soon Included
Package Theft Guarantee No Yes
Track deliveries with app No Yes
Immediate package delivery notifications No Yes
Automatically locks after delivery No Yes
Give access codes for items that need to be picked up No Yes
Deliver bulky items into the garage with Aladdin Connect No Yes
Annual fee for app, package tracking N/A $0
Price $279 $399

At BenchSentry we know you want to be on top of things and eliminate the hassles in your life.  You like the convenience of shopping online but want to feel confident that your deliveries are protected from theft and damage.  The problem of package theft is real and growing, causing anxiety or worse, the hassle of making a claim. Don’t be left behind.  Take advantage of the convenience of online shopping without the risk and hassles of package theft and damage. Buy today and put an end to theft, damage, hassle, and anxiety.  Shop online with confidence, be in the know when packages arrive, and protect packages from theft and weather.

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