Delivery being placed into the garage

Better Together

During a time when technology is king and contactless options are a must, BenchSentry continues to pave the way for safe and secure deliveries.

As we charge forward, we are finding innovative partners who share the same vision.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Genie Garage Doors to help make your deliveries, big or small, monitored and safe. Streamlining your deliveries into the BenchSentry app, you decide whether your package is put in the Bench or garage. Tracking numbers used by all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, Amazon, or the Postal Service) are compatible with our home delivery system.

How does it all work? Glad you asked! For customers who already own a Bench, you will follow THIS LINK to purchase your new Retrofit Kit. Simply sync up your garage door to your BenchSentry app and settle in to the stress-free delivery of your goods!

BenchSentry continues to strive to bring our customers the very best we have to offer. We hope to forge the trail forward through bringing you easy-to-use, safe, secure, and efficient systems for all of your delivery needs.

Written by Brittany Froistad

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