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Package Delivery Straight to Your Garage with BenchSentry Connect and Aladdin Connect

BenchSentry Connect, the lockable delivery box by Genie, is compatible with the Aladdin Connect smart home garage door controller.  Receive packages of ANY size safely and securely.  Using the FREE BenchSentry app, smaller deliveries can be placed in your BenchSentry locked package bench, while larger deliveries can be placed in your garage! 

So how does it work?  The BenchSentry Connect, an anti-theft package box, provides a contact-free delivery option.  Simply enter the tracking information of your package on your free BenchSentry app. The delivery driver will enter the last 4 digits of your tracking code to open your bench.  An optional feature of BenchSentry Connect is an in-garage delivery option. If the delivery is large and your garage door opener has Aladdin Connect capabilities, you can set your garage door to open when the driver enters the tracking code on your BenchSentry Connect.  The driver will be alerted via the touchscreen display or audio to place the delivery in your garage. The BenchSentry Connect will then close the garage door after 3 minutes.  

You can set your BenchSentry Connect porch box to open your garage door for large package deliveries if your garage door opener has integrated Aladdin Connect OR with the Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit Kit. If your garage door does not feature integrated smartphone capabilities, you can make your garage door “smart” by adding an Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit Kit.  The Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit Kit is compatible with almost any existing garage door opener manufactured after 1993 with working safety sensors.  The Aladdin Connect by Genie allows you to remotely access, monitor, and control the status of your garage door opener via your smartphone. 

You will be notified of all the activity of your BenchSentry via the app.  The BenchSentry Connect is compatible with all major delivery services such as Amazon, USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  You also have the ability to set-up custom codes for your family or friends.  For example, say your friend borrowed your bike and wants to return it to you but you are out of town. Your garage door opener features Aladdin Connect smartphone capabilities and you have a BenchSentry Connect porch box. Simply set-up a custom code on your BenchSentry app to allow your friend to open your garage door and return your item!  BenchSentry Connect is also an excellent solution if you own a home business and need to mail multiple packages that do not fit in your mailbox.  The BenchSentry Connect package box features 7 cubic feet of capacity, allowing multiple packages to be held. 

No more missed deliveries or stolen packages with BenchSentry Connect, the anti-theft locked porch package delivery box.

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