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Secure Your Deliveries All Day with BenchSentry Connect

Ah, the excitement of ordering online.  Maybe it is a new pair of shoes, an electronic, makeup, or a special gift for your furry friend.  You browse the internet searching for the best deal and triple check to make sure you added the right items to your virtual cart before you click the “order now” button.   After your order had been successfully placed, you feel a slight twinge of anxiety.  What if you never receive the order?  Your phone buzzes, alerting you of your confirmation email which assures you that your package will be delivered in the next three business days.  What if you aren’t at home to receive the delivery? That $300 order doesn’t look so appealing now.  Fast forward three days and sure enough while you are at work, your security camera picks up a video of a shrouded figure wearing a hoodie, grabbing your package, and taking off.  You felt certain a home surveillance camera would be enough to secure your front porch.  All it did was record the theft, with no evidence of catching the culprit.  What can you do to prevent this from happening again?

An astounding 1.7 million packages are stolen every day in the US!  Ecommerce sales continue to boom and are predicted to hit $6.4 billion in 2024 (according to Statista).  We will continue to order online.  Packages will continue to be delivered and stolen.  How do we break this cycle? The best way to prevent stolen packages is to secure the packages so they can’t be stolen!

Introducing BenchSentry Connect, the secure package delivery lock box - the practical solution to missing packages!

BenchSentry Connect is an innovative solution to keeping your deliveries safe and secure – regardless of the day!  A recent survey done by Vivint shows that most packages are stolen on Mondays (34%).  The least likely day to have a package stolen is on Saturdays (14%).  Most porch pirates steal packages in the afternoon (54%).  With most packages being stolen during work hours, BenchSentry Connect keeps them safe, even when you can’t be at home.  BenchSentry Connect offers 24/7 secure protection to your deliveries.

How does BenchSentry Connect work?  Using the latest in smart home technology, BenchSentry Connect, connects to the FREE app, allowing you to enter your package delivery information.  Create a 4-digit code using the last 4 digits of your tracking number.  Your bench will be securely locked until the 4-digit code is entered.  The app allows you to receive notifications when your bench has been opened and a delivery has been made.  The bench is accessible by all delivery services including: UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon. 

BenchSentry Connect is not only practical for safe package delivery, but also for safe exchanges for your business or other personal deliveries from family and friends!  For example, say you need to return an item to your friend who drops by your home, but you are gone.  Leave the item in your bench and create a 4-digit code to share with your friend, who can open the bench at their convenience. No more being tied at home, waiting to transfer an item.

A power outlet is required as well as Wi-Fi access.  For additional security, the bench includes pre-drilled holes to allow you to mount it to the ground or run a security cable through it. Weather and UV resistant, the bench also features 7 cubic feet of storage! For extra large deliveries, connect your BenchSentry Connect with your Genie Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener!  When the driver enters the code on your bench, a verbal cue will alert the driver that the garage door is opening and to place the package in the garage.

Protect your packages day and night with BenchSentry Connect

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