BenchSentry Connect Package Delivery Box on a porch

Stolen Package? You Need a Smart Delivery Box.

When was the last time you made a purchase online? According to EMarketer, E-Commerce is set to reach 23.6% of total retail sales by 2025 versus 11% in 2019.  With a staggering rate of growth and 75% of people shopping at least once a month online*, chances are you or someone you have known has been a victim of package theft.  

What happens when your package is stolen? How do you protect your packages from package thieves? A smart package lock box is the solution to your missing packages.  While relatively new to the market, a parcel lock box provides a secure and safe way to access your deliveries.   Below we will look at 4 features you should be looking for in a package porch box and why BenchSentry Connect is the best option.

Smart Lock Features

BenchSentry Connect package delivery porch box is a LOCKED box, meaning only those who enter a correct PIN number can open the box. BenchSentry Connect is a SMART package delivery box which allows you to monitor and control the status of your Bench via the free app.  Enter your tracking information to sync to your bench with the easy-to-use app.  Delivery drivers will then be prompted via the BenchSentry Connects touchscreen to enter the last 4-digits of the tracking number to be able to open your bench.  You will receive push notifications that your bench is locked, and that the delivery was placed inside.

Ease of Use

The BenchSentry app provides simple prompts to add upcoming packages tracking information quickly and easily to your bench.  An optional in-garage delivery option for large packages is available for garage door openers featuring Aladdin Connect capabilities.  If your garage door opener does not have Aladdin Connect, you can purchase the Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit kit.  The Retro-Fit kit will allow your opener to have smartphone capabilities so you can monitor, control, and access the status of your garage door opener via your smartphone.


Most other package delivery porch boxes on the market cannot be bolted to your patio, porch, or outside your garage.  Someone could simply pick up the box and steal your packages! The BenchSentry Connects design includes pre-drilled holes so you can mount it to the ground or run a security cable through it!  The size of the BenchSentry Connect is also quite large (35” x 23” x 25”) and weighs 45 lb. (empty) so it would be quite difficult to pick up and run away with. 


BenchSentry Connect was made to withstand common weather conditions.  It is made with heavy duty UV, impact, and weather resistant thermoplastic.  The 7 cubic feet capacity allows for multiple packages to be held!

Curb Appeal

The BenchSentry Connect is a HOA approved bench design.  The sleek design allows you to not only receive packages in your bench, but to sit on your bench as well!  The bench’s two colors options of slate or tan will match any home’s exterior. 

The BenchSentry Connect anti-theft locked package box is the perfect solution for stolen packages.  Combining durability, smart lock features and the ultimate combination of security and safety, BenchSentry Connect has it all.


*According to

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