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The Growing Problem of Package Theft and How to Prevent It

Have you or anyone you’ve know experienced a stolen package? Maybe you come home from work expecting a delivery and only see an empty front porch.  Your tracking number shows the order was delivered.  Perhaps another evening you glance out your window and see a shrouded figure take off running with your recently delivered parcel.

According to Security.org, as E-commerce sales continue to boom, package theft has become a major problem for most consumers.  Over 49 million Americans have had a least one package stolen in the last 12 months, with an average package value of $50.  Package thieves do not target one specific type of community.  Research shows that stolen package claims will occur regardless of the area’s population, climate, or cost of living. For example, the highest victim rate was the less-populated Alaska at 29% followed by New York at 27%. 

In New York City alone up to 90,000 packages are lost each day!  Catching package thieves is difficult, and making arrests is even harder.  In some areas, less than 10% of stolen packages result in an arrest.  Many states are combating porch pirates by enacting laws and penalties for stealing deliveries.  However, what can you do to reduce or eliminate your risk of being a victim of a stolen package?  How do you stop package theft?

No need to worry about porch pirates or package theft any longer thanks to the BenchSentry Connect. Receive packages safely and securely and remove the clutter of packages from your front porch.  So how does the BenchSentry Connect work?  Simply use the FREE BenchSentry app to add your packages tracking information which will sync to your bench.  The delivery driver will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of the tracking code into the keypad of your bench.  Once the code is entered, your bench will unlock and open to receive the package.  You will receive an alert on your smartphone that the package has been delivered.  For extra large packages, the BenchSentry Connect can be paired with your Aladdin Connect to allow the bench to open the garage when the code is entered. 

What if you don’t have a tracking code?  No problem!  You can setup custom entry codes for your family and friends.  For instance, say you are expecting a family member to pick up a check or maybe a friend wants a blender you no longer need.  Simply create the code via the BenchSentry app and share it.  You no longer need to wait around the house to securely transfer items to neighbors, friends, or relatives! 

Your packages will be safe and secure in the large 7 cubic feet interior of the bench.  The BenchSentry Connect is also made with UV and weather resistant materials.  Weighing 44 pounds empty, the Bench would be very difficulty for potential package thieves to take.  Your bench can also be bolted to your patio, porch, or outside of your garage.  The BenchSentry Connect can be accessed by all delivery services such as Amazon, UPS, USPS, or FedEx.  A power outlet access and Wi-Fi connectivity are required to operate your BenchSentry Connect.

Say goodbye to stolen packages with the BenchSentry Connect anti-theft package lock box by Genie.

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